Tuesday, May 27, 2003

You'd think, after my guilt ridden salmon last week, I'd spend this last week of alone-living eating Rice-a-Roni. You'd be wrong.

Though I did make a dinner using only ingredients I had on hand yesterday- if on hand counts the leftover wine I picked up from Jeff's. A sauteed pork chop with a balsamic rosemary pan sauce, from this month's Cook's Illustrated. I love Cook's Illustrated, particularly the illustrated part. And the glazed carrots from The Cook and The Gardener. The carrots were just sweet enough and deliciously buttery, and the pork was perfect. The sauce was rich and delicious.

Of course, though, when I was pouring the juices that had seeped out of the resting chop back into the pan sauce, the pork chop slid off the plate and into the pan, splashing sauce everywhere. Note to self- next time, hold the chop down.