Monday, June 09, 2003

Friday night we went out; dinner was simple- pizza dough I'd had in the freezer, sundried tomato pesto, ricotta, and chicken apple sausage (also from the freezer). It's another Bertucci's pizza recreation- the sundried tomato pesto was my own addition, and I do love it, though it turns the pizza orange. I miss Bertucci's and Boston in general, as always. I can't believe I've been away for almost 2 years, the longest I've gone since I started college there in 1995. Sunday's NYT Travel section had an article on Boston restaurants, including Oleana, where I had a birthday dinner right before leaving? The year before that? I can't remember now, but I do remember liking it but being disappointed Ana Sortun's scallops which I loved at Casablanca weren't on the menu. I miss those scallops.