Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Last night we went to Pink's. A friend's ex-boyfriend once suggested that the lines at Pink's are actually just actors, hired to stand there, but I suspect he never actually HAD a Pink's chili cheese dog. If you must have a chili cheese dog, go to Pink's.

I also got this salad thingy at Bed Bath & Beyond- it's a plastic salad go cup, with a separate container on the top for the dressing. When you're ready to actually eat the salad, you just squeeze the top and it's dispensed. No more soggy lunch salad for me. I made a red wine walnut oil vinaigrette with tarragon and am having some for lunch. I like that they include the Spanish and English product names on the label- Salad Blaster is not as fun to say as Ensalada Ya!