Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Saturday night I cooked tuna steaks. I marinated them in soy sauce and lime juice, seared them on a grill pan, sliced thickly, and served with sliced scallions and grated ginger on the side and drizzled leftover marinade on top. The big adventure was hunting down yellowfin tuna, which was nowhere to be found. Our neighbor and friend who works at TJ's says there is a mercury warning afoot. We settled for ahi.

The meal was simple and delicious. As I said, that's why I love Jamie Oliver. All you have to do is watch, and then recreate. It's not fussy food. Though I have started calling things rubbish, lately. I love watching Nigella, but too often her food seems better in theory than it is in practice. Emeril gives me a headache. Martha, I love, though I spend entire episodes wondering if you really do pronounce it marin-AHD. I don't think I've ever made a Martha recipe, but I love watching her. Bobby Flay makes me happy, with his enthusiasm, despite his disrespectful ways in Kitchen Stadium. And I secretly can't stand Alton Brown, though Jeff loves his glasses and thinks he handles his balding-ness admirably. I find him obnoxious and often disagree with his methods.

My name is Hannah, and apparently I watch a lot of Food TV.