Monday, June 09, 2003

Sunday morning we had a lazy morning. I made the rosemary buttermilk biscuits from A New Way to Cook . I had made them before, omitting the rosemary, because I thought rosemary was a weird thing to put in a biscuit. It's not, really- it's quite tasty. I made extra, which we thought about bringing over to our neighbors, but Jeff insisted on keeping them. I toasted one for breakfast this morning and don't regret his selfishness.

For dinner I made duck quesadillas,with the leftover duck. I was tempted to try to recreate a duck tamale pie I had at Star Canyon in Vegas, but didn't feel like going out to the store for Maseca, especially when we had tortillas at home. Flour tortillas, sliced duck, jack and cheddar cheese, Ro-Tel and Pickapeppa sauce, tossed on the Foreman. Tonight I may make the charred onion salsa (again from A New Way to Cook) to go with them, since we have more leftover duck, but I suspect I won't. The Pickapeppa is perfect.