Monday, June 30, 2003

This weekend I made a lemon curd tart, using both the pastry and the lemon curd recipes from A New Way to Cook. The pastry was ridiculously simple and delicious (and reason #374 why, if you don't own this cookbook, you should buy it now), but the lemon curd didn't really set. The recipe said to cook for 5 minutes on a double boiler, whisking continuously, and after 10 minutes in a regular saucepan on low, it still hadn't thickened up like I thought it should, but I was terrified of curdling the eggs.

So the tart ran off when sliced and I just poured it into a bowl and my friend Christina and I tore off pieces of the shell and dipped it into the curd, which was delicious, if not aesthetic. (I put fresh mint on the top, which looked impressive.) Next time I make a tart I'm going with apple.

Also, I've added comments. Try it out. Especially if you have any lemon curd advice.