Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I feel so ill today. I felt ill-ish last night, too, so I have to blame it on the Healthy Choice I had for lunch yesterday, which really and truly just wasn't right. But I was gone most of the weekend and couldn't bear to think about lunch.

So then I cooked dinner, feeling ill-ish already. The porkchops came out overdone, for which I blame my new meat thermometer. I used it and took them off when they were done for pork, forgetting that they would continue to cook while I made the pan sauce. And, also forgetting that I apparently like my pork at dangerous levels of uncooked. Perhaps this is all that salmonella, finally getting me.

The pan sauce was good, though. Although I suspect pan sauce should be more syrupy and less liquid- I have no reason to think this, but it's what I suspect. I'll look it up. It tasted good, though. My own rosemary in it- I'm still overly proud of that.

The carrots were took longer to cook, so I went up to get them and asked Jeff if it was okay if I served them on extra plates (he being the dishwasher) since the liquid pan sauce was all over our big plates. He said as long as it was okay with me that he just ate the last piece of his pork chops with his hands... We try.

Today I'm going to get a grilled cheese and a sprite for lunch. That'll show my aches and pains and upset stomach.