Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Last night I just did stirfry- Mark Bittman's cashew chicken again, this time with the hoisin sauce. Jeff sat at the end of the kitchen and talked to me as I cooked. Everything about my kitchen was making me happy. The swoosh of dumping the vegetables straight from my flexible cutting board, curving it inwards and not losing a one. The tenderness of the onions. The sweet smell of the kosher chicken- which I also swooshed in from my just for meat flexible cutting board (I have one for fish, too. Why do I love these things so?)- before even adding the sauce. Kosher chicken. I don't think I'll ever go back to regular chicken, and if that makes me a food snob, I do not care. The extra 50 cents a pound is worth it. The satisfaction of a simple, quick meal in a bowl. The hoisin sauce I got was not as thick as hoisin I'm used to- it came in a squeeze bottle, instead of a jar- but it was delicious.