Monday, August 18, 2003

First of all, I love the Hollywood Farmer's market more and more each week. This week, though, it topped itself with the Used Cookbook Sale. I got paperback copies of:

-The Graham Kerr Cookbook by the Galloping Gourmet

-James Beard: How to Eat Better for Less Money

- The James Beard Cookbook from 1959

- The Chinese Cookbook by Craig Claiborne and Virginia Lee (after a five minute chat with Jeff over whether or not I like Chinese food. "But you never want to order it!" "That's because the restaurants we've tried are ass, not because I don't like Chinese food.")

- The French Chef Cookbook by Julia Child which I just happily removed from my wish list, or as I like to think of it, the land of things that will be mine once I finally enter and then win the lottery

- Craig Claiborne's Favorites from the New York Times, vol. 2

- The Fannie Farmer Cookbook, 10th Edition

ALL for a whopping $1.75. One dollar, and seventy five cents. Take that, Book Of the Month Club. I very nearly did not go, because we went to a wedding Saturday night and didn't get home until 2 in the morning, but I dragged myself out of bed and was well rewarded. Between the cookbooks and the heirloom tomatoes, it was quite the morning.

I rewarded us both for our shopping with bacon and eggs. I scrambled the eggs a la Juuulia, and man were they delicious. Butter truly does make everything better.

Jeff was less thrilled with the afternoon's quest for green curry paste we went on later in the day- I was kicking myself for not picking some up at Surfas, and Ralphs didn't have any. Neither did Whole Foods, but it occurred to me to check Mr. Marcel across the street, who also did not have any, but that led me to think we should check Sur La Table, just in case, who also did not have any but the trip there got me far enough on that side of the Grove to remember Cost Plus, who did carry it.

However, all was forgiven when I made red snapper with green curry sauce from A New Way to Cook, served over rice. I used too much green curry paste for my taste, but Jeff was thrilled, and it was delicious if too spicy, so there you go.