Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Last night I cracked open Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone. I have had my doubts about this- my friend T claims she and her husband argue over which is The Best Cookbook Ever, her husband being in the VCE camp. (I'm with T over in the New Way To Cook camp.) So it had this reputation to live up to, not to mention the whole, well, vegetarian thing. I went through a vegetarian phase in junior high, like all Sensitive Types do, which ended when my dad and I were out and he made a stop at Mr. Barbeque, this barbeque place- well, actually, this barbeque bus, that was off the highway in between exits behind a hill, the most random off the map joint that made the most amazing brisket. Anyway, we picked up some brisket and drove home with it in my lap, and halfway there I asked my dad if he would be terribly disappointed if I was no longer vegetarian. This was, I suspect, his plan all along, but who can resist brisket in their lap?

Anyway. I made the black bean quesadilla, with goat cheese and homemade pico de gallo and everything. I had to half the pico recipe since one of my tomatoes exploded on the kitchen counter, but there was a TON of it anyway. I made the pico and the black bean puree, which came out much more liquid than her picture but also delicious, and set them aside til Jeff came home and we were hungry. I also used the fold over on the Foreman method of quesadilla assembly, but they came out delicious. The Organic tortillas I bought were not $1 better than regular tortillas, and possibly worse, since they tended to stick together and tear, but apart from that, a refreshing change from my usual leftover meat and vegetable scraps with a ton of Jack cheese quesadillas, for sure.