Thursday, August 28, 2003

Last night I made pork roast with peaches and braised leeks. The pork roast was actually supposed to be pork tenderloin, but a)the pork tenderloin at TJ's looked off and b)they had Niman Ranch roasts and c) who roasts pork tenderloin anyway, it's so lean it would have dried right.out. The recipe was from the Cook and the Gardener, which I made only because I felt I hadn't cooked enough from her August recipes. I made those basil and olive rolls, which were wonderful and I've had all week for lunch, with goat cheese and prosciutto, and I'm sad they are now all gone.

Making something just because you want to make another August recipe is not a good enough reason, though. I should have said screw August! See you in September, Amanda Hesser. But I did not. So first I drove all over town, looking for peach vodka. I even went to Diamond Star Liquor, this fancy fancy liquor store which carried both Kaffir Lime and Meyer Lemon (and come ON. Kaffir Lime vodka??) vodka, but no peach. I wound up getting Skyy Spiced at the dreaded Rock and Roll Ralphs (my idea of heaven is a place where I never have need to set foot in any Ralphs ever again), which I hope will be useful for cocktails, since I only used 3 tablespoons of it. The Skyy website is too jangly for me to check and see.

Anyway. I roasted the pork, turning it to brown it, adding the peaches and cooking some more (Amanda helpfully tells you, essentially, that the pork will be done when it's done. Not that the cooking times would have correlated anyway, but still). Then I deglazed the pan with the vodka, and y'all? Roasting pans are not the best size or shape for deglazing. Take note. The sauce, though there was little of it, was the high point of the dish. I think the spiced vodka was an even better choice than peach. There was plenty of peach in this dish.

All the while I was braising the leeks according to Julia's recipe from The French Chef Cookbook. Not because I think braised leeks go particularly well with pork and peaches, but because I had a spare leek and thought it should not go to waste. The leeks trumped the main dish, anyway, though Jeff had to not look at them to eat them.