Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Last night I made this duck. (Jeff gets the LA Times, I get the NYT- but every Wednesday he saves me the food section special. I love him.) It annoyed me a little, that in that whole related article on duck, and duck legs, and how available they are, they didn't bother to mention WHERE these duck legs were so readily available. I had looked for some at Whole Foods, and TJ's (who I didn't expect to have them, but you never know) over the weekend. Then yesterday I called my usual poultry purveyor's in the Farmer's Market, who only carried whole duck and duck breasts. I was tempted to just get the whole duck, but knew on a Monday, carving would not be fun.

Bristol Farms came through and offered to hold their last two legs for me, though I hate picking things up that aren't On The Way after work, and I hate paying for Bristol Farms. I was pleasantly surprised on both counts- both duck legs came to $4.40, and I arrived home the same time I always do, through some fluke of traffic.

The duck legs were pretty simple- rub with salt and pepper and herbs, spread dijon on top, cover with panko and melted butter, and roast. Served over mixed greens, they were delicious. I love duck with an ungodly passion, and think I'll be roasting a whole duck next.

I also made bread- herb fougasse from The Cook and the Gardener. Well, I started making the bread on Saturday, making a starter, and leaving it in the fridge to ferment for 24 hours, and then Sunday I made the dough, leaving that to rise in the fridge for 24 hours. It did not rise so much, and the dough was not promising looking. I left out the wheat germ, and wonder if that was the problem. However, when I stretched it out and filled it with herbs before folding it in half, it then rose admirably (though it wasn't quite rectangular...). I baked it after dinner, due to poor planning (if I had let the bread rise for 1 1/2- 2 hours, then baked, THEN roasted the duck legs for 1 1/2 - 2 hours... well, I just don't do 10:30 PM dinners, call me uncosmopolitan) but it made a good snack. The bread itself wasn't thrilling, but it was better than storebought.

In other news, my mother sent me this article on food choices in black neighborhoods here in LA. I could have told them all that, but I am checking in on this Community Health Councils organization to see about what they do and if I could volunteer.

In other other news, Better than Peanut Butter is against all that I stand for, I know, but it allows me to have peanut butter every day and fit in my jeans and so I love it anyway.