Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I added more cookbooks to the list at the left. Those are still just the ones I use most frequently. I have 37 cookbooks at home, including a Marlboro Country cookbook that was in the aparment when Jeff moved in. Five more in the mail at the moment, a jillion more on my Amazon wishlist. I think it's excessive, but then I see the people on eGullet who have 867 cookbooks, or I can't find a decent matzo ball soup recipe, and I realize I'm just fine. Like the Just Chicken. Which we threw out yesterday- it was days old and no one wants Just Salmonella.

Last night I made spaghettini with sugo crudo from Forever Summer. Basically, blanched, peeled, cored and seeded tomatoes with a bit of sugar, a smashed garlic clove, salt, pepper and olive oil. Whisk together and let sit for half an hour and then stir into hot spaghettini. I used capellini, and honestly, don't know the difference. I actually dislike pasta, except for canneloni or manicotti or lasagne, which I really only like as vessels for ricotta. I made the spaghettini as a labor of love for Jeff, who ate all of his and took mine to work for lunch today. Apparently it was good. I was going to make asparagus with hollandaise, too, but I had no lemons and was absolutely exhausted, having worked until 7, so I did not.

Tonight, though I'm not leaving campus until 7 or 7:30 again, I have optimistically scheduled the somewhat labor intensive curry crusted scallops and ginger curry rice from A New Way To Cook, as well as ANWTC's steam-sauteed asparagus with five flavor oil. We'll see about that.

This weekend I'm baking bread- apparently Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone has bread recipes, and I think some homemade sandwich type wheat would be better than the supermarket stuff I've been having for breakfast. Once again, my kitchen for a KitchenAid. (Side note to Jeff and anyone else who may be planning to spend that kind of money on me for Christmas, which would be no one but Jeff: All I really want is a KitchenAid. Any color but white. Thanks.)


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