Friday, September 05, 2003

So, on Wednesdays, I don't get home until 8 or so. The plan was for Jeff to start cooking dinner- this Wednesday, we had pizza. I let him preheat the oven and take the dough out of the fridge to reach room temperature.

Clearly, I have control issues. I don't let Jeff help much in the kitchen, because his kitchen temperament and my kitchen temperament do not mesh well. I need to come up with some simple dishes I can let him take on and let go. Suggestions welcome.

Last night I made the chicken tikka with spicy red onion relish from the Nigella column the day before- it proved my every other Nigella recipe theory. The last Nigella column, spareribs, a bust. The chicken? Delicious. Fortuitously, I had marinated three chicken breasts in the yogurt mixture (which I blended by placing a plate over the gap in my still-broken blender lid) in anticipation of having the third cold for lunch today. Fortuitously because a friend of mine came over bearing a free microwave, and how can you not offer dinner to someone giving you a microwave? You can't. I was nervous about the chicken, untested Nigella recipes being so iffy, but it was delicious. The relish, too.

Crazy weekend ahead- I think the only meal Jeff and I will even have together, besides dinner with friends tonight, is breakfast. Is it wrong to have Eggs Benedict three weekends in a row?