Monday, October 27, 2003

I had no time to cook this weekend.

Well, not a lot, anyway. When I wasn't busy, I was resting. It was one of those weekends. Saturday night, though, I did try Marcella's spinach ricotta gnocchi. I'd already made her super easy spinach for the failed pasta. This required cooking some onion in butter (though equal amounts of onion and butter seemed crazy to me, it worked) then adding chopped prosciutto, then the spinach. Then let it get to room temperature and mix with an egg yolk, some flour, and ricotta. I added more ricotta, since the Angeli gnocchi had a much higher ricotta to spinach ratio than these (and even with twice the ricotta, these were still on the high spinach to ricotta side of things). Shaping them into dumplings was a bit of a pain. When Marcella says if they are too sticky to roll between your hands, you should flour your hands? You should just go ahead and flour your hands before you even get started. And then flour them every dumpling or so.

But then you just boil them until they float. I served them with a butter sage sauce (sauce is a pretty fancy word for melted butter with some sage in it) and they were delicious. I'm going to try the Zuni Cafe Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi next, because a) those are adapted from Elizabeth David and b) I'm not one to stop with the first recipe I try.