Thursday, October 09, 2003

It was so gray and gloomy today I slept in and skipped the gym. Then I had to stop at La Brea Bakery for a latte. There was no other way I was not going to just pull off onto the side of the road and sleep in my car for 8 hours. Literally, those were my only two options.

Anyway, I then pretty much had to get a sandwich there for lunch. I wanted roasted pepper and goat cheese on olive bread, but alas, had to get ham and gruyere with olive spread on rosemary foccaccia. Not a horrible replacement. But.

a) This sandwich really only tastes great toasted.

b) Toasting sandwiches in my upright work toaster leads to burning, melting cheese everywhere and a stench that drives the whole office insane.

I think we know what I had to do.

Last night I made shrimp scampi from the most recent Cooking Light. I wish I'd made Marcella's poached shrimp with lemon instead.