Thursday, October 23, 2003

Last night was another pizza night, but with variety. Through clever use of leftovers and not leftovers, we had two pizzas. One, a basic pizza with TJ's Quattro Formaggio blend, some roma tomatoes, some roasted pepper, and some chive goat cheese. It was beautiful and thin crust and delicious.

Then I made a smoked salmon pizza. I whipped up some mascarpone with some diced shallot and lemon juice (I decided to use mascarpone after researching plenty of smoked salmon pizza recipes. Wolfgang Puck's uses his dill cream sauce and also some chili oil and caviar and sounded like a ton of work and money. Which I'm not opposed to, but it's not for a Wednesday night. Jody Adams, though, uses mascarpone, which sounded yummy) and then debated for the entire time the first pizza was baking whether I should bake pizza #2 with the mascarpone or spread the mascarpone on after the crust was done. I opted to bake the mascarpone, which was a smart move. When it was done, I put the salmon on top, and sprinkled it with capers. It was really good.

For the millionth time, I wonder why people eat out every night. Last night's dinner took 20 minutes and hardly any work if you don't count the rigorous preheating of the oven. It was a million times better than anything I could have gotten for the $10 I spent on new ingredients, and better for you. I don't know. Right now I'm in too many meals I want to try and not enough time to eat them mode, so I have even more scorn than usual for the Pick Something Up at Whole Foods set. Forgive me.