Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Friday night I did Marcella's fish with lemon and marjoram, a recommendation from T. Y'all know I follow all of her recommendations blindly, and once again, she led me right. It was the best fish dish I have made in ages and super simple. Like T, I used snapper filets instead of whole fish, but they still turned out delicious. I may use more lemon next time, but when will I not use more lemon, really? I served Marcella's pan roasted potatoes on the side, which were every bit as delicious as I remembered. The meal overcame our whole traumatic fight over the Calphalon before hand. Don't ask.

Saturday we talked about going out for breakfast, but when Jeff said he wanted scrambled eggs, I thought going out for something so readily made at home? If you don't have to leave the house for something, don't, is my motto. I defrosted some bacon (we almost always have bags of 4 strips of bacon in the freezer- if I kept bacon in the big package in the fridge, I'd eat it all in 12 hours minimum) and pain fendu (which freezes beautifully) and scrambled the eggs according to Julia's method in Jacques and Julia Cooking At Home. Like many of Julia's J&J recipes, it had much less butter than her Mastering the Art version. I added cheese, and they were fabulous. I cooked Jeff's a little longer, since he is a well-scrambled kind of guy and I am a would probably drink a raw egg if you asked kind of girl.

I don't know why anyone goes out for breakfast ever, really. You will not get scrambled eggs that good anywhere in LA, I tell you. And certainly not anywhere you can go in your pajamas.