Monday, November 10, 2003

Friday night I made pan roasted lamb chops and a pea and watercress puree from The French Chef cookbook. The lamb chops were divine and ridiculously simple. The peas were also amazing, despite the fact that the recipe is spread out over 8 pages and interspersed with other directions and it takes some serious, serious digging to figure out how much watercress to use. (It's buried in a paragraph under the heading for another dish. Something like, "Meanwhile, you can finish the vegetables. Add a handful of watercress.")

Very, very observant readers/stalkers may remember that I tried to make Amanda Hesser's pea and watercress puree way, way back when, but my blender didn't arrive in time. (They will also remember that I didn't at the time know for sure the difference between parsley and cilantro by sight. How much I've learned since then- parsley is the one growing nicely on my porch, cilantro is the asshole that's died twice on me.) Well, pureed peas and watercress is a million times better than non-pureed peas and watercress.