Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I watched a lot of food television this weekend. Not a lot of FoodTV the network, but a lot of food related television. PBS really kicks Food TV's ass, frankly. I watched the tail end of a show Jacques Pepin did with his daughter, where they made a turkey dinner. He had all these kids and was so cute with them. He told them they had cola for them and you know he couldn't help but say "And maybe a sip of wine for you later." Heh. Then I saw him prepare another turkey with Julia on J&J Cooking at Home (oh, how I want that DVD. The next amazon.com gift certificate I get and it will be mine). I learned from both of them how you can lop off the ends of the drumstick so you can pull the tendons out of the (cooked) leg. I don't know that I'll actually do so, but I may try. They were funny together- when Julia explained that you could omit the cream from the creamed onions, she added 'But you'll be sorry' (or something to that effect). Later, when she sauteed blanched cauliflower in butter, she said you could also skip that step if you wanted. And Jacques repeated 'But you'll be sorry.' Heh. He then described himself as a Frenchman... from Connecticut. Be still my heart. I love him.

I saw the episode of Cooking With Master Chefs where Jeremiah Tower makes 3 different chickens. At one point, he's whipping up a tomato vinaigrette, and he says "This is simple. You can do this in the time it takes to have a couple of glasses of wine." It takes maybe three minutes, tops. Ah, Jeremiah.

After some hardcore Julia, the tools over at America's Test Kitchen seem pretty bland. I like their magazine- the dry, impersonal tone doesn't bother me there at all. But I don't want to watch it on tv, so much. Except I kind of do. I can't help myself.

The one disappointment was learning that Julia is fickle with her KitchenAid colors. Cobalt blue is the one I see her use the most and the one that is in the opening credits of Baking With Julia and J&J Cooking At Home, but she has a yellow and a green mixer as well. Of course, her mixers probably get a bit more use than most.