Monday, December 22, 2003

Oh! I forgot to sum up my weekend's food tv watching. (I also need to email PBS again and tell them how many Google hits I get for "The French Chef" and DVD. The demand is clearly out there.) So I saw Jacques Pepin Celebrates Christmas AND Jacques Pepin Celebrates Hanukah. Jacques Pepin may be the only person on this planet to celebrate Hanukah with chicken quenelles (chicken and cream?? For a Jewish holiday?). I love him anyway. He made caramel in the snow. Jeff felt this was unhygienic, since birds poop and pee in it. I pointed out it was fresh snow, but Jeff claims birds pee in the sky and it gets in the clouds. Our children's science homework helper will be me.

He made a Buche De Noel for Christmas, too. I've never heard of this and now it's everywhere- Martha made one, Nan Kempner had one in the NYT. Next year I'll try it, since it looks delicious. Speaking of Martha, I saw her Christmas episode with the chef from the Lever house making duck (and I think the buche de noel, as well) and does she have some sort of eating disorder? She had to have a taste- or two- or three- of EVERYTHING. Batter, dough, finished product. It should be renamed Martha Stewart Eating.

Christopher Kimball remains the dorkiest man alive.