Friday, December 12, 2003

There are no plans at this time to release the French Chef on DVD. Damn you, WGBH!

I made french onion soup this week. It was a bit bland. I blame the ridiculously inferior powdered beef boullion I used- the last onion soup I made, with TJ's beef stock, was much better. That time it was a fancy onion soup with goat cheese croutons, which led Jeff to say he didn't think soup and salad was much of a dinner. So I never made onion soup again.

And was annoyed for many reasons when he later said "You know what you should make sometime? Onion soup." Well, okay then.

It's been a horrible week at work and I want nothing more than to curl up tonight. I may make polenta for myself and pork chops for both myself and Jeff. Jeff requested the pork chops, and then I can use that as my excuse to make polenta.