Friday, February 06, 2004

I made the tart of garlicky greens and olives I mentioned in the comments a while back.

Y'all. Must try this. It's vaguely quiche-like, but with ricotta instead of cream or milk. And it is so, so, very good. I used the TJ's Southern Greens blend, because I'm lazy and that was prechopped, but I did get a fahncy ricotta and the ricotta salata at Whole Foods. I didn't hardly use two ounces over the top, though.

Oh, man. I wish I was eating it RIGHT NOW. It doesn't seem like a lot of olives, but it's just the right amount to get a taste in each bite.

The LA Times Food Section has really been kicking the NYT's in the hiney the past few weeks. The NYT Wednesdays have made me yawn, whereas the LA Times this week? Had an easy appearing recipe for gougeres (which I have not reattempted since a few years ago when they were featured in the NYT Sunday magazine and they came out disastrously) and Scott Peacock's fried chicken with tomato gravy. The NYT had, I believe, vegetarian chili. And salt cod.