Tuesday, February 03, 2004

My sister gave me a Border's gift card, which I thought you could use at Amazon on everything, so I was planning on getting the 12 inch Calphalon hard anodized fry pan while I still can. But then it turns out you can only use it on books, so I got The Texas Cookbook: From Barbeque to Banquet-- An Informal View of Dining and Entertaining the Texas Way, which I had added to my wish list after Pineapple recommended it, The Cook's Canon: 101 Classic Recipes Everyone Should Know, which I had been coveting since I read about it, and a book with no colon in the title, River Road Recipes, home to my family's Thanksgiving cheese ball and what has long been the #1 on the List of Junior League Cookbooks I Would Really Like to Have (#2 is San Francisco Encore, which was just barely nudged out by the Cook's Canon.)

I'm very excited- nothing is more fun than new cookbooks, except new cookbooks I didn't have to pay for. I'll keep y'all posted on them.

Also, I finally tried the TJ's muffaletta (I say this like y'all have been lying in desperate wait for me to do so, but really, I've looked at bottles of this stuff for 4 years now, so it seems like finally to me), despite my misgivings about the name of the product (I could be wrong on this, but I always though the muffaletta was the sandwich, not the name of the olive spread) and I'm sure it's wholly inauthentic, but it's also quite delicious. On a crusty roll with fresh mozzarella it makes a nice lunch. I may put some on our pizza tonight.