Monday, March 29, 2004

Friday night I used leftover roast chicken to make the walnut and chicken pilaf from the current Cooking Light. Yum. It was so very good. And easy. And good.

Saturday we had a bit of a car fiasco, so we wound up picking up some shrimp and having barbequed shrimp. It was all I could handle, and hit the spot. (T, can you give me your method again? I meant to try it last time you mentioned it, and forgot.)

Sunday we had planned on having and old fashioned, Sunday supper type meal of fried chicken with tomato gravy and biscuits for Jeff's parents, who had been dying to have my homemade fried chicken. (As everyone should be. It's delicious.) They were expected at 4, and since frying up a whole batch of chicken takes a couple of hours, I'd started at two. Actually, I'd started the evening before, when I cut up and brined a whole chicken MY OWNSELF, and then again at 8 when I got up and put the brined chicken in buttermilk for another soak.)

So at 4:15, they aren't there. I keep cooking and put the (homemade) biscuits in the oven and start on the tomato gravy, when they call to say they are just then leaving the house. (They live pretty far away.) I lose it, to put it mildly. Expletives that should not be uttered about one's future in-laws were uttered. Loudly. At 4:30, when the biscuits and gravy were ready, I insisted Jeff and I eat.

When Jeff's parents arrived at 5:15, they were amazed that we'd already eaten. I said, well, we expected you at 4. They said, yes, and then we thought we'd talk for a bit, then eat at 4:30. And I said yes, and we did. I let Jeff reheat food for them and bit my tongue when his dad asked for ketchup (which we don't have. We have HOMEMADE TOMATO GRAVY.) and margarine, which we also don't have.

I don't think I'll be going to too much effort for them in the near future, in-laws or no. We'll have them to dinner, and if they don't make it ontime, they can have a doggy bag.

I choose to focus on the fact that I successfully hacked up a chicken. Myself!