Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The new Cook's Illustrated came this weekend, so this week is Dorky Yankee week. I'm trying the spicy ginger chicken stir fry (with "velveted" chicken, a process I have my doubts about) tonight, and the oven barbequed chicken on Thursday. This weekend I'll probably try the chef's salad. But overall, there wasn't much in this issue that leapt out at me.

I also got my first issue of Everyday Food. I don't know how they can send Martha Stewart to jail- she is a national treasure, in my opinion. Put her under Turkey Hill-arrest if you must- she could discuss how to properly clean your ankle bracelet. I know her editors will carry on the good work, and most of what she does she ganks from other people anyway. I know that, but I like having a reliable source.