Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Y'all, I have a spare March Cooking Light. Email if you are interested. It's the issue I cooked from this week and it's great.

We ordered our wedding cake this weekend. If you live in LA and need a cake for any reason- go to Susina on Beverly. We ate a lot of wedding cake this weekend and most of it was all looks, no taste. How you can charge that much for a cake that doesn't make you fall over from delicious, I do not know. Our cake, though? Will make you fall over from delicious. (My mother, to my father, re: the cake: "Why say profiterole when cream puff will do?")

Things I've cooked lately include the chicken and onions with rice pilaf from the current Everyday Food, which was super easy, super delicious (onions roasted and cooked in the chicken fat? Love it), and reheats beautifully.

This week I'm mostly cooking from last Wednesday's NYT Dining In/Dining Out section. Last night we had halibut fillets with creamy saffron sauce, which Jeff thought should have had a fancier name. It was great, but I still don't like halibut. I served it with fava beans alla romano- which, according to Marcella Hazan, means cooked with sauteed onion and pancetta. And which wasn't so great. I need to work on a)side dish/entree coordination and b) I don't know what, actually. I really wanted the fava beans to be amazing, since they are such a pain to shell, is all.

Tomorrow night I'm making a pork clay pot and two reine de saba cakes for a dear teacher's birthday- The Way To Cook has lots of pictures and it seems pretty straightforward. Let's hope, anyway.