Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Last night I roasted a chicken, the first since the chicken I thought I lost my engagement ring in two weeks ago. First, the asparagus that I was going to serve on the side with tarragon vinaigrette? ROTTED. In just two days. Fortunately, I had those leftover potatoes from the unmade pommes Anna. And then I had no lemons, so I roasted the chicken without the lemons in it. Oh, and I forgot to brine it until an hour before hand.

I also lined the roasting pan with foil, at Jeff's request- and while it made cleanup easier for him, it made dealing with the food a pain for me. The potatoes stuck, the chicken stuck (and tore its skin, so it didn't puff up beautifully. Or crisp much, either- I blame the lack of lemons), everything stuck. Also, an hour brining is not as good as all day.

Still, it was pretty good. And nothing got lost.