Thursday, July 22, 2004

I just added A Year in A Vegetarian Kitchen over to the sidebar, under oft-mentioned cookbooks. I hadn't updated that bar in forever because a) I'm lazy and b) I don't really mention most of those cookbooks THAT oft, since I am pretty all over the map with my cookbook usage. I have a lot, I continue to buy a lot, and there are really very few I use with THAT much regularity.

However, AYIAVK just made that short list. This is the cookbook of the year, people.

Yesterday was one of those no good very bad days that start with hives and stepping in dog poop and continue with spending hours on the phone with 4 different people (2 vendors, 2 people in purchasing) all of whom tell me contradictory information and swear that a) everyone else is misinformed and b) it was on the memo, which I never received and when I finally obtained a copy of it, it wasn't on there. Anyway. So I get home and my husband's got Benadryl and knows better than to give his usual response to "We're having noodles for dinner."

(Once, I made sesame-ish noodles by improvising, and I loved them, but Jeff thought they were too salty. So now EVERY TIME I try to make noodles of ANY SORT, he says, "Are they going to be all.. salty?" And then I have to try not to kill him. Anyway.)

So I make AYIAVK's very easy emerald peanut noodles, with spinach in the sauce. (You process it in the food processor.) I had a little problem since I had gone to a Korean market on the way home looking for fresh Chinese egg noodles, and spent twenty minutes staring at the wall of fresh noodles, before finally seeing some that said on them, Chinese noodles! And they had eggs listed as an ingredient! And then I got home and saw the part of the package that said "Not Egg Noodles." So I used Manischewitz instead. The whole meal couldn't have been easier- cook some noodles, toss a bunch of stuff in the food processor, top with some fried scallions- but it was delicious and filling and restorative.

Seriously, y'all. I may write Jack Bishop a fan letter.

In other news, this is exactly the kind of government plan I can get behind.

And this was brilliant. Though I'm embarassed to admit I didn't think Marcella Hazan was still alive.