Monday, July 19, 2004

Saturday morning I made chocolate waffles, from what I think of, at this point in my life, as a family recipe, since my family makes them a lot.

In reality the waffles are from this wonderful book, which I was so delighted to learn is now available used for $1.20. I just bought myself my own copy, in fact. The last time I checked all copies were like $92.50 or something, and I had determined the best thing to do would be to have a child quick so my parents would give me their copy. This is much more economical.

The chocolate waffles were sooooooooo good and is it wrong that I think maybe we should get a regular waffle maker in addition to our Belgian waffle maker to make them even better? (Yes. We have no room for two waffle makers.)

The only other thing I remember making from that cookbook, as a child, was teddy bear bread. Which was fun. I was surprised when I looked through it the last time I was at my parents' home- a lot of the recipes are very sophisticated, for kids.