Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Saturday night we busted out our new fondue pot and made cheese fondue. We even got Etter kirsch, the brand recommended by Glorious James Peterson (seriously, y'all. You read his cookbooks and he could say, "I like to eat dirt" and you would think, "Well, if this handsome man tells me to eat dirt, sounds good. Fortunately, he does not say such things.) and cheese and Sterno and the whole shebang.

We have this incredibly bells and whistles fondue pot- it comes with a lazy susan with 8 ramekins on it that rotates around it. I'm not sure what you are SUPPOSED to do with those, but I filled them with bread in hunks and cornichons and fresh Italian rosemary ham. And oh boy was it good. Crazy filling, but good. Fondue rules.