Thursday, August 12, 2004

Last night I made one of Pat Nixon's favorites, walnut chicken from The White House Family Cookbook. (Henry Haller makes a little joke about how she told some reporters that it was one of Henry's favorites, and they all assumed she meant Kissinger, ha ha. I love stuff like that because I am lame, lame, lame. Anyway.)

Henry Haller in the White House must have a lot of cleanup help, because he has you cook things sequentially in 4 different skillets when easily, you could do it all in the same skillet. Of course, I only realized this when I was on my second skillet, and then had to use a third anyway because the two I'd used previously were two small for the final saute. So if I make it again, everything's going in my 12 inch skillet.

Speaking of, I think Jeff scrubbed off some of the seasoning when he cleaned it (and now, lucky him, he doesn't get to clean it at all) but I'm not really sure since I've never had cast iron before. Is it supposed to be uniformly the same? Or is some black spots and some less black spots with kind of scrapey patterns the way cast iron is?