Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Last night I made Simca's Spinach Turnover from From Julia Child's Kitchen (which is the JC book to get if you are interested in a) making pastry in a food processor, the Julia way or b)the most comprehensive meat chart ever. It really is a wonderful all purpose volume, as well.)

So, y'all, it's creamed spinach with onions, and ham, and cheese, enclosed in pate brisee (it is also optionally with sauteed mushrooms, but by that point I had used two sauce pans and a skillet and was thinking spinach and ham and cheese would be plenty) and if that's not rich enough, served with sauce soubise, which is like bechamel hopped up on extra heavy cream. It was delicious, though artery clogging. And time consuming- definitely not a future Tuesday night meal. Next time I may substitute in Sally Schneider's light pastry for the pate brisee, and maybe, just maybe, skip the sauce.

However, that time will be a ways off, since I am starting the South Beach diet. Just for two weeks, mind you. And I am here to report that if you're going to start your day with scrambled eggs, you should scramble them yourself. I bought some at the Wolfgang Puck on campus and they were so sad and gross.