Monday, August 09, 2004

Saturday night was an at home date night (we did see Richie Havens and a movie during the day, so it was more like an all day date- but anyway), so I made a date night worthy meal of sesame crusted seared tuna with a ginger soy dipping sauce. Because nearly raw fish is sexy and all.

And it was- Whole Foods had yellowfin for once. So yummy, and fits the date night requirements of being fancy but not too much effort, either. It's almost like you went out to a restaurant- the effort is probably less than driving and finding parking and all that jazz would have been- but at less than half the cost. This is why I learned to cook in the first place.

Sunday morning I made chocolate waffles again- I took my dad's advice (since the waffle recipe is really for a regular waffle maker, not the Belgian waffle maker we've got. Though I frickin' love our waffle maker, whatever its country of origin. Anyway.) and added an extra egg to thin the batter out a bit and voila. Waffle-licious.

Sunday night was our family dinner night, which is different from date night in that we use the fancy china and the meal is not something sexy like tuna, but usually something family-esque like pot roast or roast chicken or- well, if it's got the word roast anywhere near it, it's a good bet that it's a family dinner type meal. Never mind that it's just the two of us, we have to start our traditions now. (Jeff, bless his heart, just goes along with whatever crazy thing I declare. I think the good food helps that way.) Anyway, I was going to make lasagne bolognese from the current Cook's Illustrated, but when Jeff heard the word lasagne he wanted the spinach lasagne from an older Cook's Illustrated, and I caved, and that spinach lasagne was yet again so good I could see his point- it's hard to fathom any other lasagne living up to the spinach creamy goodness.

The spinach lasagne is a bit time consuming, but the nice thing was that I had a bunch of Board-related phone calls come in while I was preparing (because truly, one can stem spinach leaves and chat away), so I felt like I was multitasking well. (And also, like some sort of crazy COMMITTEE WOMAN. I never felt that way before I was married, but now? I feel about a decade older when I'm doing my board stuff.) And since I am eating the leftovers for lunch all week, it was totally worth the hour and a half it took to make.