Thursday, September 23, 2004

I'm currently trying to rejigger my budget so I can see the HEAD Dorky Yankee, one Mr. Christopher Kimball, at Sur La Table in November. It would be so worth it- I mean, pan-roasted chicken? I think he and I would have quite the chat about why I can never get whole chicken parts to cook all the way on the stovetop. He would know what was wrong with my cast iron pan. He would sign my copies of The Cook's Bible,Here in America's Test Kitchen, Inside America's Test Kitchen, and The Best Kitchen Quick Tips. Clearly, I cannot be an economic girly man. I MUST go.

Speaking of Dorky Yankees, I made their chicken paillard last night, with what was supposed to be a cider-mustard sauce. I then realized as I was doing my mis en place that I had no cider on hand- I had only seen the cider vinegar (which I always have on hand anyway for mayonnaise) when I was scanning the ingredients and making my grocery list. I did, however, have chicken broth on hand (speaking of, it's about time to make a new batch- I think I'll wait til the Santa Ana winds are gone. Right now it's very dry and windy and not conducive to anything simmering anywhere for long periods of time.) so I improvised. I figured I'd use a little less chicken broth than I would have used cider and was pleased to note, in the alternative version of the sauce, a tomato based sauce, the Dorky Yankees not only used chicken broth but used the same amount I guessed. I may share that fact with Christopher Kimball but that may scare him, too.

The not-cider mustard sauce was delicious nonetheless- I served the chicken over rice and the sauce with the rice was incredible.