Thursday, October 21, 2004

Last night I decided to make creative use of some leftovers (Ro-Tel, leftover from the chimichangas I made using leftover roast chicken; chipotle chiles, leftover from the dinner party; Monterey Jack cheese, also leftover from the chimichangas). Well, I suppose my usage wasn't THAT creative- I'm sure many, many people would have done more exciting and glamorous things with those ingredients.

For me, though, it was a Wednesday night, there was baseball on the radio (we had to use the TV to tape Lost, you know)... so I made burgers. I "fried" some onions ANWTC-style, whisked up some chipotle-lime mayonnaise (just make like regular mayonnaise, but use lime juice instead of lemon juice, and add diced chipotle/adobo sauce to taste... I make this sound easy, but last night my first batch of mayonnaise Would. Not. Thicken. I think it was because I was using a cold, straight from the fridge egg yolk. I warmed up another egg in warm tap water, used that yolk to make new mayonnaise from scratch, and that batch was easy as pie. Room temperature ingredients are the key to mayonnaise, y'all.), mashed up the Ro-Tel with some ground beef and Worcestershire, and pan fried up some burgers. I grated the Jack cheese so it melted beautifully on top of the pan fried burgers.

The burgers were absolutely gorgeous- I wished then I had a digital camera. And, they were delicious. Hurray for leftovers and Hurray for the Red Sox.

(Also, y'all, my husband's horoscope said he needed to change his diet and shop for more green vegetables... so when he was picking up the beef and the buns, he grabbed some potato salad. Because it had green onions in it. Heh.)