Friday, January 07, 2005

I will blog about our Christmas eve dinner party (with photos!) and what we ate in London and Paris at some point..

but truly, this week, I was so happy to get home to my kitchen and some new food magazines and to just go get some groceries and cook my ownself. I made a BLT salad from the new Everyday Food (which I swear was on an episode of Good Eats a while back) with buttermilk-thyme biscuits, also from Everyday Food. And while I won't make the salad again until I have some truly glorious tomatoes to showcase, it was dang good. Anything that takes one of my favorite sandwiches and makes it seem healthy by putting it in salad form is a-ok with me. Because, c'mon. It's really a bacon salad.

Last night I made these spiced onion and beef pita sandwiches from the current Gourmet. Gourmet claims that they take thirty minutes- I was quite pleased with myself that by cooking the onions and beef simultaneously, I was able to cut that down to twenty minutes. I did have to switch the parsley sauce from the blender to the food processor because my blender just wasn't cutting it- however, this only really added to my husband's dishwashing time. Not that I care about that. And they were delicious! I used a flatiron steak instead of top round and it was just a big oniony mess of goodness. You could probably open up a cart and make a pretty penny selling these outside clubs next to the bacon wrapped hotdog vendors. Though these lack the tempting grease of the bacon wrapped hot dog, I guess.