Friday, March 25, 2005

Last night I planned to do some more Bistro Cooking- I was planning on a chicken in vinegar dish with potatoes.

However, when I got to the grocery store, I realized that not only had I included the potatoes for the potato side dish but also 2 large potatoes on my list. I knew the chicken didn't call for potatoes, so i just skipped that "2 large potatoes." And then kicked myself when I got home since it was supposed to be "two large tomatoes."

So instead of the cut up chicken in tarragon vinegar and other stuff sauce, I improvised. I quartered the potatoes and put them in a roasting pan, and then I butterflied the chicken. I mashed up the tarragon with some rosemary and butter and garlic and salt and then rubbed that under the chicken skin before putting the chicken over the potatoes. And then I roasted it.

Still very bistro-esque (in fact, I think I first learned about compound butter under chicken skin from either Jeremiah Tower on tv or from Gordon Hamersley's Bistro Cooking At Home), and a very easy last minute change in plans kind of meal.

In other news, I wrote a review of Deborah Madison's new cookbook, Vegetarian Suppers for Everyone, for You can read it here.