Thursday, March 10, 2005

What is the deal with Omaha Steaks, y'all?

(Mom and/or Dad, don't read this. Unless, as I sort of suspect, you regifted that Omaha Steaks gift certificate to Jeff, in which case, I guess you can't be offended that the steaks were so weird.)

Last night I made the ribeyes, and, like the filet mignon, a weird rubbery grayish substance oozed out of them. I had thought that was some weird trait of filet mignon, since, hey, I'd never cooked filet mignon before. Maybe it was the bacon. But, no, it's the Omaha Steaks. They seriously lost 1/3 of their mass while cooking, and became completely, wholly well done in under seven minutes. They were like charred shoe leather.

Along with them, I tried these miso-walnut green beans that Mark Bittman had raved about a while back in the NYT. Normally, when the Bittman gets all YOU MUST try this dish, I listen. He doesn't do it that often and he's almost always right.

The green beans, though, were just okay. I liked them, and I'd eat them again, but would I go through the trouble of using the blender to make them again? (You blend walnuts and soy sauce and miso etc. to make the sauce.) No, I don't think I would.

(Also, all y'all pimiento cheese lovers in my comments? Do y'all want to come over to my place for pimiento cheese sometime? Because I know I'll make it again and I know I'll eat the whole batch, otherwise...)