Monday, June 27, 2005

We have an overabundance of chard in my vegetable garden and so last night I made a chard and onion torte from Vegetarian Suppers, which Deborah Madison calls a variation of a trouchia- a simple crust of breadcrumbs (I did not think this would work at ALL) and saffron scented onions and garlic and chard and basil and thyme, with some eggs and cream and cheese. It was almost too cheesey. Note I say almost because really, could there be too much gruyere in this world? It was Jeff's favorite egg dish that I've ever made and very high up there on my list, too.

And the breadcrumb crust held together and was delicious, too. Who knew?

Also, the summer cookbook reviews are up at and I wrote three of them- check them out!