Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Things that have been super yummy:

-Homemade reubens from Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book, with homemade russian dressing and homemade coleslaw on the side neither of which were made with homemade mayonnaise since my husband forgot to buy eggs which he thought was a big drama but there is a reason for the expression "Best Food will do in a pinch" which is because it will. Do. In a pinch. I don't even know if that is a real expression, but it should be. I am mad about homemade mayonnaise, but I do not let my fridge be without Best Foods (Hellman's East of the Mississippi).

The coleslaw was a bit on the runny side, but the sandwiches were perfection. Forgetful shopper Jeff did at least get an astonishing Gruyere.

-Wilted spinach salads with bacon and hard boiled eggs, Dorky Yankee style. This was always one of my favorite side salads of my mother's growing up, and I am embarassed to admit that the Dorky Yankees, with their bacon grease dressing, top my mother's version. (Though I may steal her usual addition of sliced white mushrooms next time.) As a full meal, it is an absolutely perfect light meal, because hello, eggs and bacon? It is filling even when you are mainly eating spinach. I outfussed the Dorky Yankees by cutting the hardboiled eggs in 1/8ths instead of 1/4s, too.

-Chicken fajitas from the newest Cook's Illustrated, which had a wonderful citrusy quality. (Jeff was all, "What is in this? Grapefruit?" No. Handpicked lime juice from the tree behind our house.

Jeff is going out of town this weekend which means it will be a grits festival. I may cook shrimp and grits for every meal.

I also plan on finally sitting down with this. A second DVD box is coming out in November!!