Monday, February 06, 2006

Cooking. Good times, good times. I have missed it.

I did make the Honey and Rosemary Gilded Fried Chicken since I am still working my way through Fried Chicken but I have to admit that I may have to give the experiment up, because I have developed my own set of chicken frying prejudices. And I cannot tell if a recipe that asks you to dunk the chicken in flour, then buttermilk, then flour again fails because that technique sucks (well, it does) or because I believe that that technique sucks and so do not give it a fair chance. You have to soak your chicken in the buttermilk for several hours and then dredge it in flour, I have determined, and so I am not sure I can continue experimenting in good faith.

(That said, the chicken was fine, and Jeff even really liked it. Pouring lots of honey and butter over fried chicken is not a bad idea, either.)

In edible gardening news:

One of the bell peppers in my garden grew, and I sauteed it and cooked it in a frittata with some goat cheese. It was great, but not any better than a bell pepper from the store.

Some of my strawberries are coming in but they are rotting before they can ripen. I guess that is winter? I don't know. I am not nearly as diligent about my gardening as I am about cooking- so far I buy things, stick them in the ground, water and watch what happens.

Last night we had steak with rice and an amazingly rich, spiced coconut sauce from Chef, Interrupted which Gael had sent me recently. I have a feeling I will be trying a lot more of these recipes. Provide I do not throw it across the room in anger over Melissa Clark's habit of describing the female chefs as "talented (and beautiful)."