Monday, May 01, 2006

Here is a hint- when you are making a lovely 10 minute meal from Gourmet Magazine, particularly one as easy to put together as the gratineed spinach and ricotta gnocchi (basically bechamel with spinach and gnocchi and ricotta then broiled- all in one pan, super quick- it is like spinach lasagna minus the pain in the rear factor) and you are quickly tossing spinach into warm bechamel, whatever you do, DO NOT place the bag of spinach directly on the burner you just used to boil the gnocchi.

Seriously, don't do that. Of course you would never used bagged spinach anyway, I am sure, because we all support our local farmer's markets and never just sleep in on Sunday. Ever.

Also, don't add extra ricotta just because you love ricotta. Trust me on that one.

(Notice who got a camera phone? Miss "What the frick is the point of a camera on your phone," that's who. Apparently the point is now you can take really bad pictures of your cooking!