Friday, January 19, 2007

Has anyone else been watching Nigella Feasts on the Food Network? I have been finding it kind of boring, which is odd, because I love the actual book. (Jeff finds it disappointing, too, but only because the music keeps leading him to hope she is going to take her clothes off any minute.)

However, she did recently do a shrimp and noodle salad which I had ignored in the book, since the shrimp is a variation mentioned in a turkey and noodle version which seemed wholly unappealing. With shrimp, though, it is phenomenal (and probably would be with chicken, too, and probably with turkey, as well, although I am a leftover-turkey-is-for-sandwiches person). The dressing is really just a retread of the dressing you use for her also faux-Vietnamese chicken and mint slaw salad from Nigella Bites, but it continues to work and is super easy, so why not keep rehashing it on different salads? (It also raises the question, for me, of why on earth doesn't Ralphs carry fish sauce, but that question is probably best left between me and the store manager, who may remember me from the why on earth doesn't Ralph carry miso conversation of last month.)

I did omit the sprouts, on the grounds that pregnant women are not to eat sprouts and more importantly I don't like them, but added extra snap peas to make up for it, which made the whole dish seem even better for you. Nigella's new show may not be that exciting, but she's still my go to woman for lazy person taste good meals.