Thursday, January 18, 2007

Now, I love Peter Reinhart and still hold his book American Pie as my ultimate pizza resource.

Nonetheless, if Peter Reinhart and I were to get in any sort of white pizza contest, and he were to use the recipe from his book, and I were to use the recipe I improvised, I am sad to say that he would lose and badly. (To be fair, I still used his New York-style pizza crust recipe, which is perfection for a NY Style pizza and reheats even better. Somehow Jeff and I can devour two of my regular 9 inch super thin crust pizzas no problem, but a nearly 12 inch thicker crust leaves us with leftovers.)

I did add some onion and garlic to the base of a regular old bechamel similar to his white sauce, but then I spread shredded low moisture whole milk mozzeralla on top of that (and used a lot less white sauce), along with some grated parmigiano and then a few blobs of ricotta, instead of the staggering amount he called for. Surprisingly, less onion and ricotta was definitely more, with the onion flavor balancing with the cheese nicely.

I'm still a super thin crust partisan at heart, but this pizza is definitely becoming a regular part of my repertoire for when I need a change.