Friday, March 09, 2007

This was another Cooking Light recipe and despite it not being billed as a quick recipe, it was just as easy in terms of time spent actually cooking- so as long as you don't start it ridiculously late, it is still a good meal for when you are feeling lazy and time crunched. You can spend the braising time resting or doing other chores.

I did omit the vermouth and added a splash of rice vinegar, instead, which did not seem to harm the dish any. The chicken was ridiculously tender and flavorful- Jeff actually asked what on earth I did to the chicken, it was so good. The spinach was the perfect bright accompaniment, too. Definitely one to clip.

(My new food magazine plan: try all recipes within two months. Clip any that work. Recycle the magazine with any untried recipes after two months, because if it does not seem worth trying right away it probably isn't.)


Jana said...

Your plan is brilliant. I have been clipping and revisiting the file/stack every few months because I can't stand old magazines sitting around, but it would be far smarter and less time-consuming to clip what actually gets cooked.