Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Unanticipated changes in my dining habits include:

-the number of "meals" I eat while standing at the kitchen counter. I do not have time to sit down. Or I am holding the baby. Also, during the day, it is really all snacks. If it cannot be consumed in two minutes it is not happening.

-a newfound love for leftovers. Pre-baby, we were pretty profligate with leftovers. Now, we are more frugal but also less likely to do mid-week shopping. So if we have some leftover Black and Blue Beef and a hunk of firehouse Jack and some probably still good tortillas? It is asian-mex-fusion quesadillas for us.

-Seriously, the snacking. I continue to learn what makes a bad snack (chips and guacamole? Too messy, too much effort) and what makes a perfect snack (those prewrapped sticks of cheddar cheese). Any easy to eat, minimal to no prep snacks that y'all love? Bonus points if they have protein.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, we did not have Trader Joes in Atlanta when Adam was a newborn, but we do now, and I am a big fan of their hummus with whole grain pita chips.

Also, I know that Health is Wealth Spinach Munchees are little more than a hippie version of Totino's Pizza Rolls, but man, are they tasty.

Oh! And one time, right after Adam was born, I may or may not have bought a giant pack of Nancy's mini quiches at Costco, and I may or may not have eaten six or so of those babies every day.

Anonymous said...

Teri beat me to the mini quiches, but I can offer hard boiled eggs, since you can at least prep a whole whack of them at once and ahead of time. And if you have the time and inclination, you can make them into deviled eggs instead, and pretend like you're having a tea party.

Hannah said...

I was about to dismiss the hummus as facing the same problems as guacamole when I discovered guacamole is much more manageable eaten straight from the tub. Hummus it is for next week.

Also newly discovered and easy to eat, if nutritionally neutral- a stash of pickles from last week's Canter's.