Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Roast chicken and onion frittata

The nice thing about roasting one chicken for two people is there are always leftovers. I usually make baked chimichangas with them- in fact, Jeff often requests "roast chicken so we can have chimichangas." However, we also had leftover caramelized onions and fresh eggs, so I made a frittata instead. If you had leftover roast potatoes from your Sunday chicken dinner you could also toss those in the frittata, but I have never encountered a leftover roast potato.

Bonus to the frittata is that its leftovers made my lunch for the next two days.


Misty said...

What kind of cheese did you go with, if any?

Hannah said...

Parmesan, and plenty of it. I thought about adding some mozzarella as we also have some of that on hand but figured that would be overkill.

MBH said...

I never have leftover roast chicken to do fun things with. My husband has been known to put the entire carcass on his dinner plate after I take my share.