Wednesday, August 08, 2007

So normally I photograph meals mainly for my own visual record, not because I am especially (or at all) good at taking pictures or because I do anything special with plating or whatnot.

Last night, however, I really wish I had taken a picture of dinner because it was so freaking adorable.

While skimming through Sally Schneider's Improvisational Cook, I came across a recipe for a deconstructed chicken potpie. However. her potpie base- a pureed root vegetable soup with added stock and cream- while likely healthful, seemed like a ton of work. So instead I made some of her I Can't Believe There's Not More Butter Here pastry early in the day and put it in the fridge. Then later, I caramelized two small onions. Then I sprinkled them with flour and slowly stirred in some chicken broth. Then as it started to thicken, I added plenty of heavy cream and let simmer. When it was nearly dinner time, I rolled out the pastry dough and cut it into two big disks and then cut the scraps into stars with a cookie cutter. I baked these until golden and added leftover roast chicken and frozen peas to the simmering onion base and seasoned with salt and pepper.

Then I poured the chicken mixture into low, broad soup bowls and topped with the pastry disks. I put the golden stars on top of that. It was as good as any potpie I have ever made, if not better, and a fraction of the work.


Teri said...

I am going to make this later in the week. Mine won't be as cute as yours, though, because I'm going one step lazier and using leftover buttermilk biscuits from Saturday's breakfast - I froze the extra biscuits in anticipation of this recipe.

(Also, one of the greatest benefits of nursing is getting to eat pretty much as much heavy cream as you want. God bless.)