Monday, November 05, 2007

You may feel guilty making Nigella's tiny meatballs to serve over store bought pappardalle if you are in the middle of reading Bill Buford's Heat (which incidentally and two years behind the times may be my favorite book- I have never understood people who read books more slowly to make them last longer, because I usually just reread them, but I am portioning this one out because I am not sure what I will do when I am done with it). However, they are still really yummy and if your husband is not reading about handmade Italian pasta and butchery, he will totally love them and spend days afterwards bringing the meal up at random, as in, "Man, that was a great dinner we had five nights ago."

I was tempted to save a meatball to see if Nathan would eat it but am not giving him meat just yet- however I am totally over pureeing and am pretty much letting him try anything that is not meat or berries or nuts or honey. He will try anything and I am amazed by the foods he really goes for- lentils? and pickles? He had mango this morning and I think he was mad at me for waiting so long to bring mango into his life.


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